Wells College Swimming Teams Host First Tri-Meet of 2020

Wells College Swimming Teams Host First Tri-Meet of 2020

The Wells College swimming teams returned from a Florida exhibition to host Buffalo State College and the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford on Saturday, Jan. 11. The Wells College women's team split with a 165-26 win over Pitt-Bradford and a 160-75 loss to Buffalo State. The Wells College men's team dropped both matches at 88-27 and 156-14 to Pitt-Bradford and Buffalo State, respectively.

The top finish of either Wells College swimming teams belonged on the men's side when Vincent Chen took first place in the 50-yard breaststroke with a 32.77 time. Although that finish didn't set a Wells College record, Chen set a personal best in the 100-yard freestyle. His time of 54.53 is eighth-best in Wells College men's swimming top-10 times. Chen's time of 1:03.14 in the 100-yard IM would have been a Wells College record had he not already held it with a slightly better time earlier this season.

Five members of the women's team notched runner-up individual finishes with three of the five doing it twice. Double runner-up finishes belonged to Saoirse Murphy-Collins, Shannon Simmons and Hailey Onofre. Murphy-Collins was second in a pair of freestyle races. In the 100-yard, she clocked a 1:02.80, while registering a 2:15.58 in the 200-yard. Both runner-up finishes by Simmons came in the backstroke. Her 50-yard time was 36.33, while recording a 1:19.09 time in the 100-yard. Onofre finished second in a pair of breaststroke races with a 41.40 time in the 50-yard and a 1:27.45 time in the 100-yard.

Also finishing as runners-up in individual competition was Caroline Kelemen with a 1:44.44 time in the 100-yard butterfly and Jessica Boeheim in the 500-yard freestyle with a 7:42.56 time.

The swimming teams next travel to Cedar Crest College tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 12 with a meet starting at 3 p.m.