Mission Statement

Wells College Intercollegiate Athletics - Mission and Philosophy Statements

The mission of the athletics program is to support the educational mission of Wells College. The Department of Athletics holds that participation in sport is an integral part of the culture in which we live and the values inherent in sport are parallel to those developed within the framework of a liberal arts education. We focus on providing an outstanding athletic experience that is designed to positively influence the life of every participant.

Wells College seeks to provide an equitable, diverse, and competitive intercollegiate athletic program that is properly administered, educationally sound, and a resource for enhancing community on campus. All members of the department of athletics and student athletes are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity, ethical behavior and sportsmanship and comply with Wells College, NCAA and North Eastern Athletic Conference policies.

Wells College embraces the objectives and philosophy of NCAA Division III athletics. 

  • We support and encourage the concept of equal opportunity for all sports teams and subscribe to the basic tenet of fair and equitable treatment of female and male student-athletes.
  • We value diversity and promote an environment that is free of intimidation or harassment.
  • Admission, academic standing and academic progress of the student athlete shall be consistent with the policies and standards adopted by the institution for the general student body.
  • It is the responsibility of the members of the Department of Athletics and all sport participants to follow sound principles of health, social and emotional development.
  • Student-athletes shall be amateurs, motivated primarily by the physical, mental and social benefits to be derived by intercollegiate athletic participation.

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